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Quest Recovery Center provides superior evidence-based care for each of our clients. We are driven to change the narrative and the stigma associated with substance use disorder. Our team of professionals is committed to being your partner in the recovery journey. You deserve help in achieving freedom from the debilitating effects of chemical dependency. We are passionate about being a substance abuse disorder clinic that focuses on recovery through personalized medication-assisted treatment, such as Vivitrol, and customized counseling. Quest Recovery Center also offers HIPAA-compliant telehealth options for clients who may find it difficult to travel or leave home for treatment. 

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Vivitrol at a Glance

As a substance-use disorder clinic, we are proud to offer Vivitrol for addiction treatment. Vivitrol is a medication-assisted treatment that can help you recover from your addiction. Our team at Quest Recovery Center also offers HIPAA-compliant telehealth options for clients who cannot come to our physical location. This gives you the convenience you need and a chance at trying Vivitrol for your addiction treatment. Our Vivitrol treatment is a prescription injectable medicine that's used to treat alcohol dependence and prevent relapse to opioid dependence (after opioid detoxification). If you're interested in learning more about what Vivitrol can help you with concerning your substance use dependence, contact us today!

Benefits of Vivitrol

When Vivitrol is combined with counseling, it helps reduce cravings and protect against relapse. When used for substance use dependence, Vivitrol cannot be abused. This is because when the opioid receptors are being blocked, no high or feelings of being under the influence can occur. However, other common medications used for substance-use dependence can easily be abused and lead to another dependence. This is why Vivitrol is an ideal choice for addiction treatment. Using Vivitrol, you can prevent cravings from becoming overpowering. It also does not typically produce unpleasant side effects when used correctly for addiction treatment.

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Vivitrol For Addiction

Quest Recovery Center provides Vivitrol for addiction treatment as part of our medication-assisted treatment options. Vivitrol helps to minimize the overpowering desire to keep drinking alcohol or using opioids. However, Vivitrol cannot be used until a person has completely detoxed. That means that a person’s body must be cleared of alcohol or opioids before receiving their first injection of Vivitrol. If you’re unable to properly detox before your first dose of Vivitrol, you can likely experience more intense symptoms of withdrawal. However, after detox and paired  with individual counseling, Vivitrol can be highly effective. Our team is happy to help you learn more about how Vivitrol could be added to your personal addiction recovery plan.


Treatment at Quest Recovery Center

If you’re considering Quest Recovery Center for addiction treatment, our team of professionals will work with you to create a personalized care plan that's tailored to your needs and wants. That care plan might include Vivitrol injections as part of your medication-assisted treatment. Our Vivitrol treatment is an injectable medication that helps you treat alcohol and opioid dependence while also helping you prevent relapse. We understand that addiction recovery is a journey, and we’re here to help. Contact Quest Recovery Center today to learn more about our Vivitrol treatments and how they can help you achieve sobriety!

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Our team is compassionate and caring, giving you an environment of support to help you through your addiction treatment and journey to recovery. We understand how difficult finding the right addiction treatment option can be, which is why we offer tailored services that are personalized to your needs. Our staff is highly certified and offers years of experience, to ensure you’re getting the best care possible to support you along the way.  If you’re looking for long-term recovery from substance-use disorder, contact our team today!