Meet the Staff

About Quest Recovery Center

At Quest Recovery Center, our mission is simple - to provide premier evidence-based care for each of our clients and change the narrative on stigma associated with substance use disorder. Addiction is personal, and very difficult to overcome without the right tools and support structure to help enable a successful outcome. Our practice commits to being your partner in the recovery journey and helping you achieve freedom from the debilitating effects of chemical dependency.

Meet the Staff

Ravyn Howell, AG-ACNP-BC

Psychiatric & MAT Provider


Susan Brooks, AG-ACNP-BC

MAT Provider

Victoria Williams, CDCA

Substance Use Counselor

Diane Bennett, CDCA

Administrative Assistant

Samantha Oana, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Provider


Ryan Bush, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Provider

Dr. Charles Snyder, PharmD.

Ambulatory Care Pharmacist

Christopher Howell

CEO / Co-Founder

Mandy Frost, FNP-BC

Primary Care & MAT Provider


Sarah Hines, LCDC III

Substance Use Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Kevin Frey, MD, FACP

Medical Director & Laboratory Director

Chelsie Small

Administrative Assistant