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What is Suboxone & How Does It Work?

Suboxone is one of the medications that we use at Quest Recovery Center during medication-assisted treatment (MAT) of opioid addictions. Suboxone is known as an “opioid antagonist” because it works to block the effects of any opioid in order to help manage your cravings and reduce symptoms of withdrawal. When opioids like heroin, morphine, or oxycodone are consumed, they activate a pain-blocking receptor in your brain and release endorphins. Suboxone works to prevent the opioids from activating those pain receptors, allowing you to move toward recovery with fewer cravings.

Understanding Opioid Addictions

Opioids are used for powerful pain relief, but when misused, they can have some adverse effects. When consumed, opioids bind to pain receipts in the brain which triggers a series of chemical changes that lead to simultaneous pleasure and pain relief. When opioids bind to these receptors in the brain, they trigger the brain to produce an excessive amount of dopamine, which relieves pain and increases pleasure. When opioid consumption stops, the brain struggles to continue producing dopamine on its own, causing you to experience symptoms of depression, poor concentration, an inability to feel pleasure, and more.

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How Suboxone & MAT Can Help You Overcome Opioid Addiction

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has proven to be effective by significantly reducing the need for inpatient detoxification from opioid addiction. The goal of MAT is full recovery from opioid addiction.  Suboxone is our preferred choice of medication for MAT because it is less habit-forming than its counterpart, methadone. It is a medication that was specifically designed to have a far lower risk of dependency, and the side effects are typically less severe. MAT with Suboxone should always be monitored with guidance from your doctor at Quest Recovery Center in Mount Vernon. Contact us today to learn more.

Complete Treatment & Recovery at Quest

At Quest Recovery Center, we are passionate about providing patients with the tools they need for a complete recovery from opioid addiction. Through MAT with Suboxone to directly treat the addiction combined with counseling for co-occurring mental health-related issues like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more — our professionals at Quest Recovery Center are fully dedicated to your journey to health.

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Find Out If You Qualify

Our substance abuse specialists at Quest Recovery Center in Mount Vernon, OH are highly-trained and ready to help you on your road to recovery from opioid addiction. Reach out to our team today to find out if you qualify for treatment.