Learning to Overcome Addiction Through Counseling

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Learning to Overcome Addiction Through Counseling

Learning to overcome addiction can be a long and challenging path, but the proper support and care can assist you along the way. At Quest Recovery Center, we provide substance abuse treatment for the Mount Vernon and Akron, OH areas. We work with people from all walks of life, including the parents and relatives of people struggling with addiction. Quest Recovery Center focuses on three main plans of treatment in our non-intensive outpatient program: medication-assisted treatment, onsite counseling services, and ambulatory pharmaceutical care. In today’s blog, we will focus on how counseling can be a tool for you on your recovery journey.

Counseling Services

At Quest Recovery Center, we aim to create a customized plan for each patient we see. No two recovery processes will look identical, and our services reflect that. Our trained and licensed counselors offer direct counseling services, standalone counseling services, or complementary counseling services alongside medication-assisted treatment.

How Does Counseling Help Drug Recovery?

Counseling focuses on addressing the underlying causes leading to addiction. Your emotional trauma history, environmental factors, and mental health problems can increase the risk of substance abuse. We understand that this is not a path people choose for themselves, but we would like to understand what factors may have contributed to this moment and start working through them.

Is Substance Abuse Treatment Effective?

Treatment is not a one size fits all solution to substance abuse. That is why we offer customized plans and support from multiple approaches. It can be challenging to determine if a substance abuse treatment is effective because there are so many different types of treatments each with its own goals. Still, we always focus on using evidence-based therapies and providing a comprehensive approach to treatment, and we have seen our program help many people overcome addiction.

Learn to Overcome Addiction with Quest Recovery Center

Addiction is a chronic progressive disease. This means that addiction is not something that you can overcome with a few weeks of treatment. Recovery is an ongoing process, and Quest Recovery Center can provide you with the support you need to overcome addiction and stay sober.

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