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At Quest Recovery Center in Akron, OH, we offer an extensive outpatient program for non-intensive clients meeting ASAM Level 1 criteria. Included in our services are both Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs for those with substance use disorder as well as counseling-only programs for alcohol and/or marijuana addiction only. Learn more about our outpatient addiction center in Akron, Ohio.


About Quest Recovery Center in Akron

At Quest, we understand just how long and often endless the road to addiction recovery is for you or your loved one — that’s why our extensive outpatient programs in Akron, Ohio are treatment plans created just for those battling addictions. Since we focus solely on individuals with addicitons — whether it’s substance use disorder, opioid use disorder, alcohol addiction, and/or marijuana addiction — we’re able to acheive greater, more personalized outcomes in both the long and short term. 

Learn more about our location in Akron and the services we provide at this location below, or contact our team at Quest today.

About Akron, Ohio

Akron, Ohio is the fifth-largest city in Ohio and is located about an hour south of Cleveland. Despite its high population, Akron is also known for its small-town feel. Nearby towns that are considered part of the larger Akron city-area include Cuyahoga Falls, Tallmadge, Portage Lakes, Barberton, Stow, Norton, Green, and Kent. 

The city was founded back in 1825 and its namesake comes from an Ancient Greek word that signifies a summit, or high point. This name was chosen due to the fact that it was founded during the summit of the creation of the very important Ohio and Erie Canal. In more recent times, Akron is also famous for being the home to two basketball legends, LeBron James and Stephen "Steph" Curry. 

If you’re in the Akron area, you can find the Quest Recovery Center on W Market Street in Fairlawn. Visit our contact page to get directions or call Quest today.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Programs in Akron

Addiction is an epidemic here in the United States and especially right here in Ohio. At Quest Recovery Center in Akron, it’s our goal to help those struggling with SUD and other addictions to get the help they need for proper treatment and recovery. 

Our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs aim to do just that — offering the aid of monitored medications such as Suboxone, Zubsolv, and Narcan, or Subutex for those pregnant or nursing. This method of “weening an addict off of their addiction” is proven to be not only one of the most effective forms of treatment, but also the safest by attempting to major limit withdrawal symptoms and more.

Included in our MAT treatment programs are primary care visits and our on-site pharmacist. Our primary care physician is available to asses all addiction clients for physical checks, but also just for each individual’s primary care needs. This physician is here for our clients for their pre-existing conditions, comorbidities, and new conditions — even common illnesses. This is also why we offer our pharmacist so our clients can get non-MAT medication as needed and prescribed.

Learn more about our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program at Quest in Akron, Ohio by contacting us today.

On-Site Counseling Services in Akron

For those with alcohol addiction and/or marijuana addiction, but no SUD or other chemical dependecy, we offer our counseling only services at Quest. Our team of certified, friendly counselors offer HIPAA-compliant therapy and counseling services in the comforting environment of the Quest Recovery Center in Akron. The methods that our therapists use includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which focuses more on negative thought patterns, helping to build better confidence and reinforce positive behavior. Contact us to sign up for individual, group, and family counseling at Quest in Akron, Ohio.

Planning Beyond Therapy Programs in Akron

Therapy is a critically important component of recovery in both the long and short terms. At Quest, we are committed to focusing on those with substance use disorders and addictions and thus, are able to recommend those who have completed our program to other non-addiction-focused therapists when they feel comfortable doing so. 

After committing to therapy during the addiction recovery and treatment process, many people need extra assistance with the transitional period into a post-addiction-therapy life. For some, therapy will remain a constant in their life, but it will be normal for the topics of discussion to steer away from addiction and into other areas of their lives. For others, it’s simply not feasible or financially sustainable to continue going to therapy, at least at such a constant rate. In either case, it’s important to go through at least one “final'' addiction therapy session, such as our Planning Beyond Therapy program at Quest. This program is to ensure that our outpatient guests are set up for real-world counseling and behavior control experiences beyond their substance use disorders alone.


Other Quest Locations in Ohio

Our Akron, Ohio location is our second location to our headquarters clinic, which is just south of Akron in Mount Vernon. If you live closer to Columbus, consider visiting our more convenient Mount Vernon location. At Quest Recovery Center in Mount Vernon, we offer all of the same outpatient services for addiction recovery, treatment, and counseling. Our Mount Vernon location is also our headquarters, so if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free contact our offices. Learn more about Quest in Mount Vernon.

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If you or a loved one have substance use disorder, alcohol addiction, or marijuana addiction, get started with Quest Recovery Center in Akron, Ohio today. Our licensed and professional staff are here to help every step of the way — through the recovery, treatment, and therapy processes. 

Interested in virtual care? If you live in Ohio, you can utilize Quest Recovery Center’s innovative telehealth program. Contact us today to get more information.